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Monday, April 9, 2007


Yeah, I pimp other blogs now. I don't mind really. As long as they tickle my fancy and stuff... these blogs are worth the pimpin'!!!

I'M A SUCKER FOR CARS!! The best cars there is! There, it's all out. I said it. You know my greatest weakness and you can send me one on my birthday. :-) I'll take care of the tax!

I just found this site and it hit me right on! Eye candies all over! Here, see for yourself!

Concept cars, show cars, muscle cars, trucks, bikes and everything in between. Music, cool music, those you would like to hear but seldom hear it! Moroccan music in ska, reggae, rap R&B, it's all here!!! Cool site for our Malaysian and Indonesian brothers! Salam, my friends, salam! Check it out NOW!


This is not for the faint hearted.

These cars will make you go: "Waaaaaahhhh!"



Sunday, April 8, 2007

SPOT ON?: Women's Poll on Asian American Men

Now this is hilarious and I just wanted to share with you...I was surfing the net and I came across this poll on Asian American men. This totally knocked me out of my seat! Read on...

LOL! This girl must've had her share of Asian men! If we open our minds and take her opinions subjectively, yeah, we would think that it's actually SPOT ON! And that's the scary part of it. I was particularly laughing at her opinion about Thai men; in certain cases, I would snatch her hair and pull her face to the ground, kick her ass and scratch her all over with my oh-s0-long newly manicured nails! (nah, just kidding). But yeah, she's quite right about that. But maybe she meant feminine "gestures" not feminine figures... is it because we're slim? LOL!

Did you know that in our region, Filipino men are considered to be the most romantic group? Well, that's why they can't keep their dicks inside their pants. LOL! Hey! We're just having fun here, ok? And ALL, yes, all of the Filipino men I've met around the world have wives here and back home! :-) And they are not ashamed to admit it. In fact, they are actually proud of it. But they would tell me to shut my face if ever I meet their true wives. LOL! This is so true.

Remember, she comments on the usual Asian men she meets abroad. It just goes to show that we, as an individual, have the obligation to keep our country's reputation in tact when we go overseas.

And..and...and...I don't wanna comment anymore... don't wanna get into trouble. LOL!

What about you guys? Any input? Let's have fun...



Saturday, April 7, 2007

Q&A: Why would lesbians/gay men discriminate against bisexuals?

Because we are sometimes perceived as "hiding," a sense that some bisexuals use their bisexuality to look heterosexual at work, in straight social settings, to enjoy the "heterosexual privilege" that is part of the social norm. This has posed as one of the bigger issues that a bisexual has to deal with -- discriminated against by the gay community who we fought along with to fight discrimination. Ironic, isn't it?

Also, bisexuals are sometimes seen as blurring the issues and weakening the lesbian and gay movement. Naturally, bisexual activists disagree with this view! A further reason is that some lesbians and gay men also have sex with MOTOS* (while not identifying as bisexual). Often they can't admit this in the lesbian and gay communities, and see bisexuality as a threat to their safety and/or acceptance.



Q&A: Why do you think bi issues are different from gay issues, since all your problems come from the same source: homophobia?

While homophobia is a bi issue, we do also have concerns different from those of the gay community; the most striking being that of dealing with prejudice from the gay community itself! We are openly discriminated against by the gay community. Believe it or not.

Among our other concerns are dealing with the emotion of significant others, whom we do so deeply love, yet who cannot understand our attraction to MOTOS. And being accepted as bisexual if we only have one partner. And we have to deal with a lot of myths which surround bisexuality.

*MOTOS - members of the opposite sex
MOTSS - members of the same sex



Friday, April 6, 2007


Yes, I got it right and it's not a typo error.
This dude comes from Indonesia!

JONI ANWAR is an Indonesian-Scott recording artist that made it big in another country -- Thailand. Much confusion has circulated in Southeast Asia that this former "Raptor" singer is a native Thailand. Yes, he was born in Bangkok (30 Aug 1981) but this dude holds an Indonesian passport! He is one of the few superstars in Thailand that has foreign citizenship ( just like the Thai diva Christina Aguilar holds a Philippine passport). Here's another perfect example of a Eurasian that made it big and will continue to dominate our region's entertainment industry.

Joni is also known as JONI RAPTOR, from his defunct music duo RAPTOR back in the late 90's together with Louis Scott (a Thai singer). He was 12 years old then. Raptor was a sensation in Southeast Asia spanning their music through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The duo retired in 2000. He still got a lot of following fans afterwards.

Joni released three more albums "Badboy", "Freeman" and "Outtaspace". Joni enjoys all kind of sports especially water sports. He won the third prize in wakeboarding at the X-games Thailand 1998. He joined the Asian X-games in Phuket, too.

Here's more of Joni's pics...

Joni is currently in tandem with Jay Montonn Jira with an electronica album. They are known at "KATSUE". Here's their MySpace profile: --click it later dammit! :-)

I got a confession to make-- I was once Raptor's biggest fan. (No laughing please!) Hey! What can I do? They were the biggest teen idols in my teenage years. And they were so famous, everybody's wearing what they wearing.
And I can still remember the BIG SHOCK DAY when they (him and Louis) came out wearing different colors of contact lenses on each eye! Oh you wouldn't believe how much trouble I went through just to get the money to buy 2 sets of contact lens in blue and green!!!
(Ok, you can all laugh now ;-).

Joni will always be my perfect example of a Eurasian who conquered almost all of Southeast Asia. Being Eurasian and being a "foreigner in Thailand" did not stop him fulfilling his goals.




Thursday, April 5, 2007

WHASSUP: Semana Santa of the Philippines

Having shared the distinction of the only 2 predominantly Christian nations in Asia, the Philippines (together with Timor Leste) are on full swing to commemorate the Passion of Jesus Christ. The "Semana Santa" or Holy Week in English was mainly brought by the Spanish Conquistadores to the Philippines and the Portuguese colonizers of Timor Leste.

Let's feature the observance in the Philippines. This solemn observance or "festival" is truly a sight to behold. It's visually evocative and the air is full of emotions as the whole country commemorates the death of Christ by re-enacting the events. Each province or region has their own "interpretation" and style of commemoration. And it's truly a glimpse of faith that defiend this great nation.

Tourists come to see Filipinos crucify themselves as a re-enactment of the passion of Christ more than 2,000 years ago. There are countless "Cenaculos" and "Pabasas" in traditionally written verse form and dramatized version. This is truly a Filipino tradition and definitely one of Southeast Asia's attraction.

Here are some happenings....

Flagellants. They scourge themselves in a somewhat paganistic manner considered medieval by many. This is done by stripping themselves naked from the waist up, walking barefooted under a midday sun and flagging themselves bloody with ropes and broken pieces of glass attached with strings to bamboo sticks. They do this as a means of atonement of their sins. It is a sort of retribution of their offenses and human weaknesses for past favor such as after going through some crisis or danger in their lives. This is commonly practiced in the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac, Rizal and practically all over the Tagalog region.

The Pabasa. It's a family affair with the cooperation of relatives and neighbors. Others do these twenty four hours daily within the seven days of singing and reading of the Passion and Death taken from the verses of the Bible. Foods and drinks are being served to the singers.

The Black Nazarene. A century-old black statue in Quiapo, sculptured in Mexico during the Galleon Trade era, considered miraculous by devotees is brought out for procession every Good Friday. The statue is borne on the shoulders of male devotees in a slow, difficult procession around the narrow streets of the district, a score of men struggle to keep the image moving on. Thousands more try to muscle their way to touch the Nazarene as if carried by a powerful tide in an ocean of humanity.

The Moriones. Marinduque Island is famous and known throughout the world. No one could recall its beginning but old folks claimed it started since time immemorial. Usually it is held in the plazas of Boac and Gasan. The towns present a spectacular pageant wherein people are dressed like Roman soldiers to commemorate the beheading of Longinos. The festivities have a Mardigras atmosphere.

Visita Iglesias. In Manila it is a practice of Catholic believers to visit, if possible, 14 churches within Metro Manila representing the fourteen stations of the cross.

This unique style of observance of the Christian Holy Week of the Filipinos makes them distinct from other Catholic countries around the world. Truly an evocative experience. Come to the Philippines and experience it yourself. And by the way, it starts tomorrow! The 6th of April through the 8th and beyond. This is the biggest happening in the Philippines next to the Christmas season (which runs from 16 December through 3 January of the succeeding year). Amazing tradition, amazing passion, amazing people.



PERFECT SPECIMEN: Alexandra Bounxouei

When I was living in Laos not so long ago, there wasn't much "showbusiness" around. Lao singers are bound to sing mostly (ok, all of them) Lao traditional music and almost all of them are recorded on cassette tape!. The local music industry is not as big as what we see outside Laos. That was not so long ago...

Then came this beautiful 15 year old (at that time) with a music so unusual it became an instant hit with teenagers locally. This is ALEXANDRA BOUXOUEI, a Lao-Bulgarian teen pop idol making waves in Southeast Asia, the U.S. and of course, the ultimate audience for an Asian teen pop singer, Japan.

Alexandra (now 20), was born in Bulgaria to a Lao father who was studying music in Eastern Europe and a Bulgarian mother. The family moved to Laos in 1988, where she was raised. She was born on May 28,1987 and she speaks Lao, English and Bulgarian.

Her music, which she describes as a combination of traditional Lao and contemporary hip-hop, has earned her glowing reviews in Southeast Asia. In 2004, the Ministry of Culture appointed her to sing "Pasaan ASEAN" the official song of the Association's meeting in Vientiane. She released her second album, titled “Forget It,” in early 2006, and first performed in Laos in 2002 to wide acclaim. Although part-Bulgarian, Alexandra sings beautifully and flawlessly in Lao, delivering her songs in a style befitting her age.

Here's Alexandra in action...

Alexandra appeared on Thai television a few months ago for the first time. The media had a feeding frenzy when she seem to be speaking Thai instead of Lao. This media-induced controversy reached her local fans creating mixed feelings among Laotians. They felt that Alexandra should've or MUST speak Lao when she appear on Thai television. Others felt that there is nothing wrong with it if the person is knowledgeable in other language. Sentiments like these reflects the trace of under lying friction among Thais and Laotians (think Malaysians and Singaporeans :-)

But when she was invited again to appear on Thai television, she was notably very-"Lao". She seem to speak in Lao, with a distinctly sweet Lao accent and wearing a Lao traditional costume. She later said in an interview that she wanted to show the world, especially Southeast Asia about her beloved country Lao. I felt for her. A mixed-blood caught in the middle of unnecessary controversies. And she handled it very well.

Alexandra is undoubtedly the next big thing from Southeast Asia. She got the looks, the attitude, the talent. If Japan accepted her, then the world is ready for her.

All the best to you Alexandra. You show them what a Lao girl got!

Here's her website:



Wednesday, April 4, 2007


We all know that fusion is hot, sizzling, more caliente than a salsa beat. It's that multiculti urge that propels us to douse a hamburger with teriyaki sauce or buy an Armani jacket with a Nehru collar. Such marriages of East and West are a harmless intermingling of cultures: a war never started by adding a dollop of wasabi to potato chips or a bindhi to Madonna's forehead.

But blending people is more dangerous. The world generally prefers its citizens in their own neat categories: Chinese, Japanese, Siamese. They represent the sanctity of our nation-states, our flags, our soccer teams. After all, if you're not one or the other, what are you? If you're, say, half Asian and half Western, where do you belong? Are you a banana: yellow on the outside and white inside? Or an egg: white on the outside and yellow inside? Or are you, as proclaimed by that most swirled of celebrities Tiger Woods, a "Cablinasian" - -a Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian smattering of everything, a global progeny of an increasingly global world? And what is that, anyway?

Once, not so long ago, no one wanted to be Tiger Woods. Especially Tiger, with his cafe-au-lait complexion and American serviceman father. Today, Eurasians are the flavor du jour, not only in the U.S., where mixed-race citizens personify the American melting pot, but even more so in Asia, where race-conscious policies are often encoded in law. In Indonesia, where until recently ethnic Chinese were barred from writing in their own script, the hottest celebrities are indos, or mixed-race folks like actors Karina Suwandi and Ari Wibowo. In Bangkok, where the local skin trade has spawned a multitude of luk kreung, or half-children, the once-despised offspring now control an estimated 60% of the entertainment industry.

Fusion is in, not only as an abstract fashion concept, but in that most grounded of realities: mixed-blood people who walk, talk, and produce even more multiracial progeny. Most strange of all, these hybrids are finding themselves hailed as role models for vast masses in Asia with no mixed blood at all. "When I think of Asia, I don't necessarily think of people who look like me," says Declan Wong, a Chinese-Dutch-American actor and producer, "But somehow we've become the face that sells the new Asia."

So maybe Asia's Eurasian craze is driven by the theories of that whitest of white men, economist Adam Smith. As the world gets smaller, we look for a global marketing mien, a one-size-fits-all face that helps us sell Nokia cell phones and Palmolive shampoo across the world. "For any business, you can't think locally anymore," says Paul Lau, general manager at Elite Model Management in Hong Kong, who has built up a stable of Eurasians for his internationally minded clients. "At the very least, you need to think regionally. Ideally, you should think globally." A global image helps sell products, even if no one but Filipinos would ever want to buy duck-fetus eggs or Thais the most pungent variety of shrimp paste. Yanto Zainal, president of Macs909, a boutique ad agency in Jakarta, used all indos for a campaign for the local Matahari department store chain. "The store wanted to promote a more cosmopolitan image," he says. "Indos have an international look but can still be accepted as Indonesian."

Channel V, the Asia-wide music television channel, was one of the first to broadcast the message of homogenized hybridism. "We needed a messenger that would fit in from Tokyo to the Middle East," says Jennifer Seeto, regional sales marketing manager for the channel, which began beaming its border-busting images in 1994. Star veejay Asha Gill personifies the global look. When asked what her ethnic heritage is, Gill, a Malaysian citizen, simply shrugs. "Oh, who knows," she says. "I'm half Punjabi, mixed with some English, a little French and dribs and drabs of God knows what else." The 29-year-old speaks crisp British English, fluent Malay, and a smidgen of Punjabi. She grew up in a Kuala Lumpur neighborhood that was mostly Chinese, attended an English-speaking school and was pals with Malay and Indian kids. Gill's Channel V show, broadcast in English, has a strong following in Malaysia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. "I'm Hitler's worst nightmare," she says. "My ethnicity and profession make me a global person who can't be defined in just one category."

Fashionistas love the new Eurasian world. Top Asian modeling agencies can't stock enough mixed-blooded girls, and many have begun scouting for Eurasian models in Europe and the U.S. to bring back East. One of the top imports is 20-year-old Maggie Q, a Vietnamese-American who grew up in Hawaii. "When you look at Maggie, you see the whole world in her face," says film executive Logan, who cast her in the hit flick Gen-Y Cops. "She sells because she appeals to everyone." The publisher of Indonesia's top-selling women's magazine, Femina, says a cover with an indo on it sells two to three times more copies than one with a purely local model. "Indonesian women see these girls as exotic but not exactly threatening," says Widarti Goenawan, publisher of the popular weekly. "It is an ideal to which they can aspire." Certainly, an approachable exoticism fuels many Eurasian models' careers. Devon Aoki, a half-Japanese and half-American concoction, has captivated London and New York catwalks with her woodblock-print features and long limbs. In Hong Kong, Ankie Lau, a half-German and half-Chinese model, wins clients because her Eastern features mix with a Western spontaneity. "The ability of Eurasian models to let go in front of the camera is very appealing to advertisers," says Elite Model's Paul Lau. "Asians tend to be more nervous expressing their emotions."

Tata Young certainly knows how to let loose. Back in 1995, when she broke into Thailand's entertainment industry at the age of 15, the pert half-Thai, half-American singer was on the forefront of the Eurasian trend. Today, the majority of top Thai entertainers are luk kreung. Now 20, Young is the first Thai to sign a contract with a major U.S. label, Warner Brothers Records (owned by AOL Time Warner, parent company of Time), which she hopes will elevate her into the Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera pantheon. Back at home, Young has to contend with a gaggle of luk kreung clones who mimic her brand of bubble-gum pop. The hottest act now is a septet called, less-than-imaginatively, Seven, and three out of seven are of mixed race.

The luk kreung crowd tend to hang tight, dining, drinking and dating together. "We understand each other," says Nicole Terio, one of the group. "It comes from knowing what it means to grow up between two cultures." But the luk kreung's close-knit community and Western-stoked confidence sometimes elicits grumbles from other Thais, who also resent their stranglehold on the entertainment industry. The ultimate blow came a few years back when Thailand sent a blue-eyed woman to the Miss World competition. Sirinya Winsiri, also known as Cynthia Carmen Burbridge, beat out another half-Thai, half-American for the coveted Miss Thailand spot. "Luk kreung have made it very difficult for normal Thais to compete," gripes a Bangkok music mogul. "We should put more emphasis on developing real Thai talent." The Eurasians consider this unfair. "I was born in Bangkok," says Young. "I speak fluent Thai and I sing in Thai. When I meet Westerners, they say I'm more Thai than American." Channel V's Asha Gill senses the frustration: "A lot of Asians despise us because we get all the jobs, but if I've bothered to learn several languages and understand several cultures, why shouldn't I be employed for those skills?"

The jealous sniping angers many who suffered years of discrimination because of their mixed blood. Eurasian heritage once spoke not of a proud melding of two cultures but of a shameful confluence of colonizer and colonized, of marauding Western man and subjugated Eastern woman. Such was the case particularly in countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, where American G.I.s left thousands of unwelcome offspring. In Vietnam, these children were dubbed bui doi, or the dust of life. "Being a bui doi means you are the child of a Vietnamese bar girl and an American soldier," says Henry Phan, an Amerasian tour guide in Ho Chi Minh City. "Here, in Vietnam, it is not a glamorous thing to be mixed." As a child in Bangkok during the early 1990s, Nicole Terio fended off rumors that her mother was a prostitute, even though her parents had met at a university in California. "I constantly have to defend them," she says, "and explain exactly where I come from."

Ever since Europe sailed to Asia in the 16th century, Eurasians have populated entrepots like Malacca, Macau and Goa. The white men who came in search of souls and spices left a generation of mixed-race offspring that, at the high point of empire building, was more than one-million strong. Today, in Malaysia's Strait of Malacca, 1,000 Eurasian fishermen, descendants of intrepid Portuguese traders, still speak an archaic dialect of Portuguese, practice the Catholic faith and carry surnames like De Silva and Da Costa. In Macau, 10,000 mixed-race Macanese serve as the backbone of the former colony's civil service and are known for their spicy fusion cuisine.

Despite their long traditions, though, Eurasians did not make the transition into the modern age easily. As colonies became nations, mixed-race children were inconvenient reminders of a Western-dominated past. So too were the next generation of Eurasians, the offspring of American soldiers in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, luk kreung were not allowed to become citizens until the early 1990s.

But behind the billboards and the leading movie roles lurks a disturbing subtext. For Eurasians, acceptance is certainly welcome and long overdue. But what does it mean if Asia's role models actually look more Western than Eastern? How can the Orient emerge confident if what it glorifies is, in part, the Occident? "If you only looked at the media you would think we all looked indo except for the drivers, maids and comedians," says Dede Oetomo, an Indonesian sociologist at Airlangga University in Surabaya. "The media has created a new beauty standard."

Conforming to this new paradigm takes a lot of work. Lek, a pure Thai bar girl, charms the men at the Rainbow Bar in the sleaze quarters of Bangkok. Since arriving in the big city, she has methodically eradicated all connections to her rural Asian past. The first to go was her flat, northeastern nose. For $240, a doctor raised the bridge to give her a Western profile. Then, Lek laid out $1,200 for plumper, silicone-filled breasts. Now, the 22-year-old is saving to have her eyes made rounder. By the time she has finished her plastic surgery, Lek will have lost all traces of the classical Thai beauty that propelled her from a poor village to the brothels of Bangkok. But she is confident her new appearance will attract more customers. "I look more like a luk kreung, and that's more beautiful," she says.

A few blocks away from Rainbow Bar, a local pharmacy peddles eight brands of whitening cream, including Luk Kreung Snow White Skin. In Tokyo, where the Eurasian trend first kicked off more than three decades ago, loosening medical regulations have meant a proliferation of quick-fix surgery, like caucasian-style double eyelids and more pronounced noses. On Channel V and mtv, a whole host of veejays look ethnically mixed only because they've gone under the knife. "There's a real pressure here to look mixed," says one Asian veejay in Singapore. "Even though we're Asians broadcasting in Asia, we somehow still think that Western is better." That sentiment worries Asians and Eurasians. "More than anything, I'm proud to be Thai," says Willy McIntosh, a 30-year-old Thai-Scottish TV personality, who spent six months as a monk contemplating his role in society. "When I hear that people are dyeing their hair or putting in contacts to look like me, it scares me. The Thai tradition that I'm most proud of is disappearing."

In many Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand; the Eurasian craze coincides with a resurgent nationalism. Those two seemingly contradictory trends are getting along just fine. "Face it, the West is never going to stop influencing Asia," says performance artist Needa. "But at the same time, the East will never cease to influence the West, either." In the 2000 U.S. census, nearly 7 million people identified themselves as multiracial, and 15% of births in California are of mixed heritage. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Oscar-winning kung fu flick, was more popular in Middle America than it was in the Middle Kingdom. In Hollywood, where Eurasian actors once were relegated to buck-toothed Oriental roles, the likes of Keanu Reeves, Dean Cain and Phoebe Cates play leading men and women, not just the token Asian. East and West have met, and the simple boxes we use for human compartmentalization are overflowing, mixing, blending. Not all of us can win four consecutive major golf titles, but we are, indeed, more like Tiger Woods with every passing generation.



Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Beautiful music. Beautiful lights. Beautiful babes. Beautiful dudes. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. That's all I can say. Take that!

Located in Bangkok's posh district of Wattana on Ekkamai 11, this is a place to go and display yourself. You wanna be seen? You can't go wrong with this place. Usually a mix crowd but you know what's "in" a mixed crowd... willing gorgeous dudes and babes to come home with you! Preferrably both of them please.

Santika Club is where the chic babes and stylish dudes go. So, you gotta be one yourself. Take that!

Y'gotta be careful a little bit though. Gorgeous people comes with a price. No, not a tag price but a look to match theirs. People who come here are so gorgeous that you could be ditched in a second! Here is where I got my, I don't wanna say...maybe another time. Take that!

And also, most clubs in Bangkok closes around 1 or 2 am. If you fancy a night with tight-fitting uniformed police and spend a night in jail...then stay longer than that for all I care. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Oh, if you come here, bring a click-counter with you. Y'know those small thingy to count hot babes and dudes that that guy on the Axe commercial use? You're gonna be needing that. My last count was 137 gorgeous babes and dudes. That's a lot in one room! Hmmmm....yummy!

You wanna try their samplers?,




Can you find me in the crowd?

More yum-yum-yum! Oh and by the way, they got excellent food too. Proceed to Harlem next door. But of course you won't go there for the food, will you? Naaaahhh! I thought so!


This is a five star venue for me. Try it when you're in Bangkok. It's gonna hurt down there -- guaranteed!



Monday, April 2, 2007


I had the chance to visit the youngest kid on the block in November 2006. East Timor (or Timor Leste, as they would like to be called) is the youngest country in Southeast Asia and one of the youngest in the world. They are independent of Indonesia since August 1999.

My trip to East Timor was more like of a “pilgrimage”; it’s more of spiritual than a pleasure trip. Because this country has been on my advocacy since I took on world issues. I have campaigned for the freedom of East Timor in my own way.

My main advocacy issues are dominated with either them or Tibet…and it was such a spiritual (and personal) fulfillment to see them independent again…(*sighs with a sweet smile).

If you have the chance, visit them and see how they have faired. They will not be the youngest country for long. See how they have moved on and fulfill their own destiny…

This is Timor Leste… the other predominantly Roman Catholic country in Asia...

One of Southeast Asia’s hidden treasures indeed. Unspoiled, white sand beaches… serene environment and genuine culture. The smiles are real and their spirit is inspiring.

Since its’ independence, Timor Leste now shares the distinction with the Philippines as being the only 2 predominantly Roman Catholic (Christian) nations in Asia. This is mainly because Timor Leste is a former colony of Portugal and used to be called Portuguese East Timor until 1975. They are also pending admission to the ASEAN as the 11th member.

Atrocities and human rights violations are rampant since Indonesia invaded in 1975 when the Portuguese left. And this peace loving people has been held capture on their own land ever since. My gosh, I’m sounding like my old self back in the 1990’s!!! – enough of this! Whew!

This huge, huge statue of Jesus Christ was built by the Indonesians on their last day on Timor. Hmmmm....very Sao Paolo though...well. They have facilities for scuba diving although I don't do that. But I surf! I hope they could discover this on Timor. Their premier beach destination is in Dili (the capital city) and Com. Wonderful places.

Anyway, my point is, if you have seen everything in Southeast Asia already and you’re into isolated beaches, simple living and no tourist at all…visit our brothers in Timor Leste. Tell them I sent you!!!


And here's their tourism website... no eyebrow raising's written in English and Portuguese...TAKE THAT!



Q&A: Aren't bisexuals just going through a phase of being confused about their sexuality?

The simple answer is "no" or at least "not necessarily" - many of us are absolutely certain that we are attracted to both sexes; there is no confusion. Just as I personally put it: "I'm not confused. I'm just greedy". This simple phrase always make my point more understandable. Many people are bisexual for life, which proves it is not necessarily just a phase.

It is natural for people who are coming to terms with a sexuality which is not society's norm to be feel confused. For some people, bisexuality is a phase between homosexuality and heterosexuality (and the individual in question could be going in either direction); for others it can just be a brief experimentation. But for many people bisexuality is a lifelong, committed sexual orientation.

And even for those who ultimately do not stay bisexual for life, that does not make it any the less valid as a sexual orientation. Many people have reported that their sexual orientation has shifted over time; sexuality is dynamic, not fixed. For some people it may be a small shift, others a major change of lifestyle; but this does not make the points in between in any sense "wrong". Life is a continuous process, and few of us remain exactly the same over long periods of time.



Sunday, April 1, 2007


Now pay attention. This one's gonna go reaaaalllyyyy fast...who says an F1 Race Car driver can't be sexy? Huh? Take this!
Presenting the most beautiful Malaysian dude I have ever seen...

ALEX YOONG is an English-Malaysian F1 race car driver. Born of an English mother Joanna Bean and a Malaysian father named Hanifah Yoong on 20 July 1976. He started racing when he was 16 and he is the first Formula1 driver in Malaysia. Bi-racial Asians are truly competitive in any field. He now races for A1 Team Malaysia and had a latest win in Mexico. Going to Shanghai on April 15 for the Shanghai International Circuit. TAKE THAT!

Pretty face, fast reflexes, and lean sexy body...what more can you ask for? -
- No! Don't answer that question!!! I know what you're thinking.


Yoong initially struggled to remain visible in international motorsports. A promising start in the American Champcar series in 2003 (9th in Mexico), his season was cut short due to the team's lack of funds, and Yoong failed to impress in his few drives in the Australian V8 Supercar series in 2004. He has remained an enthusiastic promoter of motorsports in his home country however, and has been seen doing media and Formula 1 commentating work for Malaysian television and ESPN-Star. He also co-presents Formula One live coverage at 8TV.

AND here's his pic taken years ago for British Vogue...Take that!

And of course, the obligatory posting of his website...although I know that if you click it, you'll leave my blog for the day...:-(



Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can you name them all?

These are the colours of our region.
The proud and beautiful people of Southeast Asia.


GIGGLES: Jokes from Singapore

One of the main reasons why in recent years the Singapore Government has always ensured that their Miss Universe pageant representative were of tertiary level education or higher was because of the following incident which happended not too long ago.

It is the final round of the Miss Universe Pageant and the 3 finalists, Miss USA, Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore are being asked 3 simple questions:

MC: The first question is name me an electrical appliance starting with the letter “L”
Miss USA: Lamp
Miss Malaysia: Light bulb
Miss Singapore: LADIO
Judge: No. Radio does not start with the letter “L”

Then, they moved on to the second question.

MC: I am going to give you 3 more chances; Now, name me an animal starting with the letter “L”
Miss USA: Lion
Miss Malaysia: Leopard
Miss Singapore: LABBIT
Judge: No, no!

MC: Miss Singapore, please pay attention to this next question. Give me the name of a famous car that starts with “L”
Miss USA: Lexus
Miss Malaysia: Lamborghini
Miss Singapore: Lolls- Loyce
Judge: Oh my God!

MC: I am going to give you one last chance! Name me a fruit starting with the letter “L”
Miss USA: Lemon
Miss Malaysia: Lychee
Miss Singapore, with full of confidence, smiles and says: LIEWLIAN!!

This is not the end of the story, the Judge consulted the board of judges to determine if Miss Singapore should really be disqualified; and they decided that since Miss Singapore was having so many problems with the letter “L”, they decided to give her another chance.

Judge: OK, the final question is: Name me a human anatomy starting with the letter “L”
Miss USA: Lung (applause)
Miss Malaysia: Liver (even more applause)
Miss Singapore: LAN CIAU!! OMG, the Judges fainted instantly!



Blogging about 11 countries in Southeast Asia is no easy task. I have to keep up with what's happening in all these countries. Everything worth mentioning. I've been a nomad for 12 years now. Living in each country for more than a year and if I really really like the place, I stay for more than 2 years.

I wanted to blog. Maybe somebody out there (with our 5 billion+ population) would wanna know about this paradise I optly called Southeast Asia. This brings me straight to a predicament. WHERE WOULD I LIST MY BLOG?

I made a couple of linkings to some blog listings in our region. Malaysian blog listings has been by far the most accomodating. Indonesia, with it's single blog listing, is still pending my application. Thai blog listings are annoyingly disorganized. No bloggers in Laos, Myanmar, Brunei and the rest. Two (2) Philippine listings nodded yes to me and I'm climbing the charts ever since.

Since I started blogging last Friday (it's my 7th day today) 45% of my hits come from the Philippines. This is something I cannot explain. Maybe because they have more spare time in front of the computer? Nope, I don't think that's the case. Maybe they are more Internet savvy (?)...maybe.

Now I'm ranting about the first Philippine Gay Blog listing... I submitted my blog to the suggestion of one of my readers. I thought it's cool, so I did. WELL?...I just got an email from the webmaster rejecting my application. The guy was civil and polite though. But the main message is "you're rejected" although he didn't write those words. :-)

Why would a Philippine "gay" blog listing reject my blog when other Philippine "non-gay" blog listing let me in? Maybe I'm over reacting but hey! This is the same exact issue that we LGTB / PLU people have been fighting for for the last 3 decades. DISCRIMINATION. Is there discrimination among us?

Don't they wanna list BISEXUAL blogs or they don't wanna list non-Filipino? Well, it's obviously the latter. Shall I wish I'm a Filipino? -- So, case closed. Even though other "non-gay" Philippine blog listing listed me...their exclusively Filipino gay blog listing REFUSED to let me in.

Nevertheless, my main readers are in the Philippines and I'm very grateful to them. I rest my case.Thank you very much.



Friday, March 30, 2007


Is this Swedish invasion? Why is it that the most beautiful people MUST come from Sweden? What are they feeding their offsprings? They should share their 'secrets' huh!

Calling all fellow Thai-Belgians, modeling career anyone? Let's not let the Swedish dominate the "Perfect Specimen Series" shall we?

This is ASE WANG, a Singaporean-Swedish model currently managed by Calcarries HongKong. A perfect specimen of the human kind.

Anyway, ASE is born on November 26 and speaks English, Swedish and Mandarin. Take that!
Voted the one of the Sexiest Woman in FHM Thailand, this girl will definitely make waves in the modeling world. Well, she already IS doing that. What about Hollywood, my dear babe?




Q&A: What is bisexuality anyway?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which refers to the aesthetic, romantic, or sexual attraction of individuals to other individuals of either gender or sex. A bisexual person is attracted to both men and women.

A bisexual may be more attracted to one sex than the other, attracted equally to both, or find people's sex unimportant. The strength of their attractions to men and women may vary over time. Bisexual people are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders.

Due to the nature of bisexuality as an often ambiguous position between homosexuality and heterosexuality, those who identify, or are identified, as bisexuals form a heterogenous group.

Some view that bisexuality is a distinct sexual orientation different from heterosexuality or homosexuality. This views bisexuality as something clearly distinct from these other two sexualities, with a clear attraction to both men and women required.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

WHASSUP: Singapore Fashion Festival 2007

This came in late. I'm such an idiot for not checking my email for a couple of days because of my new hobby -- blogging. I got an invitation from my friend Eddie in Singapore. I guess I couldn't make it on time. But for those of you who can fly to Singapore, you still have 3 days to catch!

The venue is at The Tent at Ngee Ann City. It's located in the heart of the world famous shopping strip that is Orchard Road providing guests with easy access to the collections seen on the catwalk at the Festival.

Participants includes: Aigner, Francis Cheong, Levi's, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marks&Spencer (huh?-*frowns), Topman and some others...hmmm...seems like it's not a "really" big event huh?! Oh Eddie, Eddie, Eddie...tsk, tsk, tsk! Anyway, here's the remaining sched:

AI TOMINAGA and ANNE WATANABE will grace the shows apparently. Do I need to tell you guys who they are? -- YES? -Where have you been? Jupiter? Huh!

I'm supposed to tell you how to book the tickets, yeah? Never mind. The fact that we're too late for the week-long event, plus I'm sure you already have prior committment this weekend AND no big names in there any way. Snob? LOL!

Let's look forward to the Singapore Fashion Week 2007 in November shall we?




Southeast Asia is still the fastest growing economic bloc in the world. (*harsh comments and violent reactions are welcome) We comprise of more than 10% of the world population; our GDP is $885 billion; and out purchasing power parity is $2.756 trillion. TAKE THAT!

Listed here are the tallest buildings in Southeast Asia and their corresponding ranks in the world. I was wondering…are really tall buildings a measure of progress? Does it mirror prosperity or it’s all just a big statement?

What about in other parts of the world? Skyscrapers in Europe cannot compete at all with our tall buildings but yet, they are among the richest in the world? Hmmm…

Call it “old school” but still, we can’t deny to ourselves that having tall buildings in our region is our way of saying: “We have arrived”.

Here are The Tallest Buildings in Southeast your country included?...

1st. PETRONAS TOWER I (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
1st. PATRONAS TOWER II (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

These two towers share the distinction of the tallest buildings in SE Asia. They are both 1,483 ft. high and have 88 floors each. Both towers are connected by a suspended bridge on the 27th floor. Malaysia really surprised the world when they announced the total height back in1998. Both towers rank as the World's 2nd Tallest Buildings (ranked 2&3 slots) and the Tallest Twin Towers in the whole dang world! TAKE THAT!

3rd. MENARA TELEKOM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

No, this not the 2nd Tallest because there are 2 Petronas Towers, remember?

This architectural beauty on the other side of Kuala Lumpur is 1,017 ft tall (*why did they build it so far from the city center by the way?). It has only 55 floors (too few for a really tall building) and completed in 2001. I don’t know why it didn’t make any noise in Kuala Lumpur or feature it as one of the city’s landmark although it is the 27th Tallest Building in the World and the 3rd tallest in SE Asia. Not bad. Not bad alt all.

4th. BAYOKE TOWER II (Bangkok, Thailand)

The 4th Tallest Building in SE Asia is arguably the tallest hotel in Asia as well (so I was told), but of course I know it’s not. The design is just so and so but it does dominate the Bangkok skyline. It is 997 ft with 85 floors completed in 1997. My uncles told me that the construction of this building was almost stopped and abandoned. It was found out halfway that they were building it slightly tilted to the side! Let's hope they corrected it already. But you can still feel the lifts brushing with the building's interior. Scary!

It ranks 31st in the Tallest Building in the World.

5th. OUB CENTER (Singapore)

At 919 ft., this is one of Singapore’s most recognizable land marks. It ranks 50th in the world. But OUB Center only has 63 floors and completed in 1986. Hmmm...1986? This must be the tallest building in Southeast Asia that time, right? Interesting.

5th. UOB PLAZA (Singapore) No, it’s not a typo error. This is also the 5th and the next one below. This building shares the 5th ranking with 2 other Singaporean buildings. I so love the clean and crisp design of this beautiful building! It’s 919 ft tall and has 66 floors. Completed in 1992. World ranked as 50th as well.

5th. REPUBLIC PLAZA (Singapore)

This red graphite building is a real eye candy to me. Love the lines. Love the contour. Love the imposition. It also stands 919 ft tall and has 66 floors and world ranked at 50th as well.

8th. PBCom TOWER (Makati, Philippines)

The tallest building in the Philippines is a glass and steel masterpiece indeed. It’s situated in the country’s financial district, 848 ft tall with 52 floors, completed in 2000. Its simple and plain design makes it rather indistinguishable with other towers in the city, well, aside from it’s height. By the way, rumor has it that they are building the Tallest Building in Southeast Asia? Would they beat the Petronases? (*smiling mischievously). Hmmm…I’ll tell gather more info about it.

In the meantime, they must have to be satisfied as the 8th in SE Asia and 79th in the world. Take that!

9th. CAPITAL TOWER (Singapore)

This building reminds me of the kind of buildings in Gotham City. LOL. Y’know, those really tall towers with a pantheon on top! That’s cool! It’s 833 ft tall and has 52 floors. Ranked 93rd in the whole world.

10th. WISMA 46 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Surprise, surprise! Jakarta made it to the list as the 10th tallest building in SE Asia. This nicely designed tower is one of Jakarta’s most recognizable land marks. It’s 820 ft tall with 48 floors and completed in 1996. It ranks 99th in the world! Barely made it to 100! Not bad. Not bad at all.

So there it is! The 10 Tallest Towers in our region. The symbols of progress of our cities. If we would continue the list to 20, it would all be shared by Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore only. TAKE THAT!



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PERFECT SPECIMEN: Patrick Ribbsaeter

PATRICK RIBBSAETER is a Thai-Swedish model that is making waves in the fashion industry worldwide. This dude is cool, approachable and down-to-earth. I met him...oops! sorry, not "met"...("saw" is more like it) at Riva's; one of Bangkok's hip nightclubs. He's just accross the room (yeah, I think it was him!) and I didn't had the chance to say hi because I was too wasted already that night (and besides it was millions of light years ago!).

Patrick is born of a Swedish father and a Thai mother and IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY! He was born on March 28,1980 in Sweden.

I've heard somebody ask if there are models with brains?... YUP! You got one right here! This cool dude got a lot of plans (How do I know? I'll tell you later--take that!). I hope he would push his project of recording his excercises. I would certainly love to have his routines! His bod is to die for! SEE FOR YOURSELF HERE...

This dude has worked with Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Loewe, Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ermenigildo Zegna, Fendi, YSL and all the big names in the fashion industry. He's also a regular in the Thai fashion magazine pages. With his positive attitude, he'll definitely go places.

If you want to get a more indepth look at this guy's character, because I really think he's cool...visit his website (yes, dammit! models DO have websites!):

And here's another kicker (that's why I said I know he got lotsa plans)...Patrick is a blogger too!!! It's called Universal Player. It's written in both English and Swedish. Whatever he is playing...I wanna know! Ugh! -- Click it later! Stay here longer, dammit! :-)

Another perfect specimen of human beings -- Thai-Swedish! NOW YOU KNOW. Take that!



Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I spent almost a year and a half living in Vientiane; the capital and the largest city of the People’s Republic of Lao. Yes, it is still a communist country and yes, communism is still alive and kicking! Take that!

Around 4 years ago, I remember myself searching the Internet with all information I can get about Laos – the enigma of Southeast Asia. How many people have actually been to Laos?

There wasn’t much info about it on the net around that time. All they say is it’s a commie country and what’s all on the Internet are some typical tourist-come-on articles.

So, I packed my bag with a couple of shirts and jeans. Bought a plane ticket to fly from Bangkok to Vientiane and I was on my way. That was one of the most memorable adventure I ever took...

I immediately fell in love with the city. The people are genuine, the smiles are real. The atmosphere is down-to-earth. There were European restaurants, wine shops, delis and everything a westernized visitor would ever need with the exception of McDonald’s, gigantic shopping malls and alike. Everything’s perfect!

The pace of life in Laos is veeeery slow. But I never got bored at all. The city itself doesn't have much touristy-places to offer but you know what is Laos' best to offer? -- the people. I have made a lot of friends and acquaintances. Some speaks French fluently!

This is the land that the world has turned it's back upon. The country that the world has forgotten (or chose to forget). The Americans dropped more bombs here than Vietnam itself during the Vietnam War. Because the Americans thought the insurgents have taken refuge there. This is the most bombed country on the face of the earth! Laos still bears the scars up to now. You can see it on some of their buildings.

Too much drama for me! But I really felt for the Lao people...honestly.
And here's the kicker... I was a multi-millionaire in Vientiane!

This is how much "kip" (Lao money) you can get for your $100! More than 1 million kip! Take that! (with a really huge wallet)

The street signs are also written in French. Take that!

There were only 2 places in Vientiane I eat out in my almost 2 years stay there. One of them is STICKY FINGERS. That groovy little restobar along Francois Nginn Rd. (just across TaiPan Hotel) that serves heavenly food. I always had that chicken-breast in basil leaves sauce. Oh yeah, I can still taste it now! (*eyes closed, biting lips)
That tangy and tasty chicken breast....

...the Fish&Chips will give you an orgasm. Guaranteed!

Sticky Finger is owned and managed by 2 exceptionally friendly young Aussie babes, I have to have a regression course done on me by a psychologist to remember their names…I’m really bad in remembering names but I never forget a…uh…wait!...memories kicking in! …it’s Angela and the other that rhymes with Barney…Marney!!! Take that! Huh!

Anyway, the resto is really relaxing, dim light, cozy chairs and spacious tables. I remember them putting some 2 or 3 tables outside on Friday & Saturday nights. The feel of those outdoor dining…huh….really cool! Good spot to do dudes and babes watching.

If ever anyone of you is in Vientiane, try this cool little restaurant. One of Vientiane’s highlight in city dining…worthy to be mentioned as SE Asia’s little treasures.

Although Laos is called the 'Land of a Million Elephants' -- NOT ONCE in my 1 year and 1/2 stay there have I seen just even a fingertip of one single elephant! None! (*smirks)

COME TO LAOS: The Enigma of Southeast Asia. So you can impress your friends by going to places they can't.




Monday, March 26, 2007


The first babe that made it to the Bi-Racial Perfect Specimen series.

This is "the" SONIA COULING (ซอนย่า คูลลิ่ง). She's Thai-English and she's a huge huge celebrity in Southeast Asia. Anybody who knows what an MTV is...they know who is VJ Sonia.

She's every dude's dream girlfriend. I bet she's great in bed too! I wonder if she fancy a threesome with me and another guy? (**SHUT UP! Nothing wrong with dreaming!). If I would be dating girls exclusively, Sonia would be number one on my list. Just look at the image for larger boobs...huh?!!!...I mean image! Whew!

What do you think of her? She is definitely a girlfriend material. I wonder if she has a boyfriend right now.... (*biting lips, imagining...)



PERFECT SPECIMEN: Christopher Friel

The first who made it to the featured bi-racial dudes and babes series!

CHRISTOPHER FRIEL is a Filipino-American doing excellently in the modeling scene in the Philippines and Los Angeles. Won a handful of male pageants (*eyes rolling) and getting really visible in the advertising industry.

Now tell me he's not hot and I say f*** you! LOL. Just kiddin'. Tell me what do you think of him on the comment section and don't just pass by in and out my blog without saying hi. :-)HERE'S MORE OF HIS PICS...

You know the on image for a larger...uhmmm...pic! :-)

There is going to be a series of posts here featuring "bi-racial" dudes and babes (yes! Girls included!) in Southeast Asia. Keep checking my blog for more of these HOT HOT dudes and babes!...Enjoy (as I did!)
You want to come back for more. I know.


Sunday, March 25, 2007


I lived in Kuala Lumpur for 2 years and I often come back because I have made a lot of friends who I met in hip & chic clubs around the city. Kuala Lumpur is a real treat to club goers. They usually close around 3-4am and often they will not close until the last clubber had left.

Unlike Bangkok, which is considered to be one of the world's happening cities, they close around 1am -- which is a bugger!

ZOUK CLUB KL is one of Southeast Asia's best club. This is where the fabs and the gorgeous go. If you wanna be seen...this is the place to be. Zouk is a French Creole word for "PARTY". So, by the name itself, you know what to expect. The main genre is House Music and some Mambo Jambo the DJs play which is a little peculiar to the theme. Zouk KL let's the best DJs in the world spin on event nights.

Located in the very hip Ampang Road just a block away from the Petronas Towers. People gather around the entrance first. This is very good in prospecting your "meat" for the night. PLU crowd is very visible here (just as any other place anyway!). They are usually the best looking people around. Don't mind the inappropriately-dressed others, they make a good background for the most gorgeous guys. Just as the "fatty-maidens" will make an excellent contrast to the sexy women. I LOVE 'EM! (greed kicking in :-)

Zouk Dance Club KL is absoloutely one of Southeast Asia's best dance club. Truly world-class partying. Here is where to go if you want to be seen. PARTY ON!

*Thanks to Mooiness, Aran and Sporty Baby*


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Perfect Specimens of the Human Kind

I’m a sucker for "half-breeds". Especially Eurasian ones. These are mainly half-Asians with white ancestry. They look so fuckin' gorgeous! Oh, do they make me drool or what? They catch my attention in a crowd. They make me stare at them like there’s no tomorrow. For me, they are the most beautiful species of humans (harsh comments and violent reactions are welcome)... the term "half-breed" is generally considered impolite or rude. So we will use the term: "Bi-Racial".

Most of the people I know are “bi-racial”. Maybe because I am one of them. Or maybe because I’m bisexual --everything in between, remember?. Yeah, maybe that’s why.

I was called a "mischling" when I was growing up in Germany and they used to call me “luk kreung” in Thai as well. We are called “con lai” in Vietnamese, "mestizo" in the Philippines, “bo kabya” in Myanmar, “混血儿” in Singapore and “serani" or "gado gado" in Malaysia and Indonesia. They all mean the same thing -- mixed blood.

Whatever they call us, just like everybody else, we are entitled to define ourselves as we see fit. This article will define the future posts of this blog. We will feature “bi-racial” hot guys and girls that made it big in our region of SE Asia because: “Bi-RACIALS ARE THE PERFECT SPECIMENS OF THE HUMAN KIND”.


SUMMER IN PARADISE; The Best Beaches In Southeast Asia to Display Yourself

Summer is here! I see blue, green, white and bronze-skin gorgeous babes and dudes. Pack your things and we'll head to the beach. Don't forget your tanning lotion and your collection of shades of eyewear and your skimpiest bikinis and speedos. Nature lovers stay home...we are goin' hunting. We want to see and be seen...These are the 10 Best Beaches in Southeast Asia (for the moment) where the beautiful people go.

10. PHAN THIET (Vietnam)

Now, this is the next big thing in the beach vacation scene. Beautiful people are starting to come here and oh they are so fu**in’ fabulous. Just a few hours from Saigon, Phan Thiet is the latest getaway in Vietnam. Oceanside development is in full swing here, and there are some great boutique resorts along the stunning white sands of Mui Ne Beach.

9. TANJUNG RHU (Langkawi, Malaysia).

This huge secluded cove has one of the longest stretches of private beach I've ever seen. Wide with soft sand, the beach has cooling shady spots provided by palm trees overhead and beautiful deep blue waters for good swimming. Best of all, there's only one resort here (and the beach is kept picture perfect), so you won't have to elbow for space or suffer jet skis.

8. SABANG BEACH (Puerto Galera, Philippines) This is the most “happening” of all the beaches on this *sigh…absolutely gorgeous Puerto Galera in Mindoro Island in the Philippines. You wanna see bronze gods and goddess doing all water sports and…uhmmm…other things? Here is where you should go.

7. NGAPALI BEACH (Thandwe, Myanmar)

No eyebrow raising please…I know that Myanmar (formerly Burma, I like Burma better) is not famous for beaches and stuff. But hey, this beach is a playground for the elites who don’t want to be recognized and keep a low key profile. How gorgeous can they get? Take that! Brace yourselves… this beach can’t be reached by road. Hell no! There is no suitable road to reach this place. I can recommend a good travel agent for air lift if you want.

6. KUTA BEACH (Lombok, Indonesia).

This is the best alternative to Bali. The pure white-sand beaches of Lombok, with clear aqua-blue water lapping against them, are sometimes so private that you can have one all to yourself. And Lombok is just a short hop from neighboring Bali. Gorgeous Bali-going guys and babes come here instead. Take that!

5. AO NANG BEACH (Krabi, Thailand)

Although this beach is a little laid back for my taste…it has a very good serving of ultra-gorgeous beach goers. The unbelievably crystal clear water and powdery white sand is a perfect back draft for those tan gods and goddesses sun bathing! It will make you hurt down there.

4. PATONG BEACH (Phuket, Thailand)

If I haven’t been to other beaches around SE Asia, I would say that this beach is way too crowded. Well, hey! How can you be seen if there is no crowd? This is for the potato-eaters. Asians who fancy white people (why does that sound so politically incorrect? – no pun intended). But there is also a good serving of gorgeous Asian with their shiny-bronze skin struttin’ their stuffs! I love it.

3. WHITE BEACH (Boracay, Philippines)

I consider this as the No.1 in natural beauty, hands down. Well, because Bali is, well, “non-recommendable” at the moment. This is the playground of the Philippine’s elite and beautiful people (that includes the noveau riche movie personalities). Beautiful people all around you and they are even visible underwater because it’s crystal clear!

2. SILOSO BEACH (Sentosa, Singapore)

I really can’t decide whether this beach is man made or not. It’s too …ummm…seems everything is in the right places. Well, that is Singapore is all about. Let me remind you all again that this countdown to the best beaches in SE Asia focuses on “being seen”. And if you want to see and be seen, Siloso Beach is the rightful No.2. Why are the people here so f**kin’ gorgeous? My neck gets stiff watching so many beautiful girls and boys on this beach.

A N D T H E M O S T H A P P E N I N G B E A C H I S....

1. CHAWENG BEACH (Koh Samui, Thailand)

Were you expecting Bali? LOL. Not at the moment please. I wouldn’t recommend Bali for the mean time because of the current situation there. Wait…did the Western countries (and Aussie lifted the travel warning already?...Who cares! This spot is for Chaweng Beach. Full moon parties are great for beach babes watching under the glistening moon. But it’s real fun in the sun as well. Those gorgeous people who’s not into night cruising. The beach itself is gorgeous, with bungalows nestled in the trees just beyond the sand. Gorgeous, gorgeous guys and babes galore!!!


Friday, March 23, 2007


Curiosity kicked in. Brows are frowning. You got an idea but you still wanna know what the heck this blog is about. I have a choice to let you all keep guessing. But what the it is.

I always wanted to blog. I planned it a year ago. But what in the world would I blog about? About me? -- I'm not that interesting (I think) -- I'm tryig to be modest here and don't wanna toot my own horn but hey, I got more than 10,000 friends on MySpace. How's that? Huh!

Shall I blog about...huh?....wha'?

Ok! Ok! Enough running around. This blog is mainly about the silent minority in the LGTB. GLBT, BTLG or however you want to arrange those four beautiful letters. For people who's been to Mars for the last 5 years, LGTB stands for Lesbian, Gay, Transexual (is it? or Tranvestite?) and Bisexuals. I belong to the "B". And fucking proud of it! See our flag fly!

This blog is also for anything South East Asian. Again, for those people who's been to Mars (and Venus) for the past 50 years -- South East Asia is....well, in Asia. In the Southeastern corner of it! Take that!

The ASEAN or the Association of South East Asian Nations is the main place of this blog. They are the countries of (in alphabetical order -- I don't want to offend anyone) -- Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

I will blog everything from cool places to hang out.... to hot places to display yourself and be everything hip and what's new... to food, to culture and of course, SEX! Do you think I don't know that sex sells? The top blogs around the net are full of pictures of naked men, women and ...uhhh...dogs. You'll be seeing a lot of 'em here to keep you all coming back. Well, that's the plan. Take that!

Without much further ado...this is Bi.S.E.A.N.....Bisexual South East Asian Nations!

SELAMAT DATANG * Sawasdee * MABUHAY * Chŕo mừng bạn * SABAI DEE * 不用客气。